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Washington Wilkes DAWGS

"for those who have no voice"

Dawg Squad  of Georgia

The Dawg Squad of Georgia is a group of dedicated, determined animal lovers who believe every living soul deserves a chance at finding their forever family, without regard to breed, age, or color. 


Our mission is to assist shelters and rescues by helping facilitate quality adoptions for the animals that have no choice, nor voice.  We are committed to making sure animals are taken care of and placed in loving homes.  The Dawg Squad of Georgia is a 501c3 organization and licensed through the Department of Agriculture.


About Our Rescue Group...

We are a group of dedicated animal lovers that believe all adoptable dogs and cats deserve a chance at peace, love, and happiness.

We are a small, but mighty, group and our goal is to find quality families for those animals in a timely manner and to help educate communities on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

We are solely dependent on donations and they are always greatly appreciated.

Board Members:

Leah Stevens - President

Bonnie Branch - Vice President

Sharon Radde - Treasurer 

Gaby Esparza - Secretary 

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