Dawg Squad of Georgia

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Dawg Squad  of Georgia

All dogs are fully vetted. This includes: spay/ neuter, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. 

Ricky here!...
I came from a little shelter that The Squad came across as they were venturing out and looking for other small shelters to help. One of The Squad members spotted me and fell in love and came back for me! I was scared and timid in the shelter but since being in my foster home I’ve opened up and am finally getting comfortable in my own skin! I’m a love bug and I can’t wait to curl up and snuggle with my new person! I just want to find my perfect home and finally feel safe. I’m very social and friendly with all my doggie friends but I’m a little scared and unsure of the purring four legged things running around...I just keep my distance and mind my business with them.

Hi I’m Lolly!
I’m not yet a year old but I’m a very calm and laid back girl most of the time. I do love to jump around and play but it doesn’t last long. I LOVE sticks and will carry them around OR if I can’t find a stick I like to walk myself on my leash. I’ve liked all the other dog friends I have met so far! I came from the same shelter that Frankie came from. The Squad was asked to help with the dogs on the euthanasia list and pulled me along with Frankie and I’m so glad that they thought I was worth saving!

Calvin is still a puppy and had found himself in a small shelter with a skin condition. We just knew he didn’t have a good chance of making it out alive and all he needed was some TLC and he would make someone a great pet! Calvin hasn’t been with us long at all and he’s already looking SOO much better! He’s a spunky little guy who loves everyone he meets..people and furry friends! He’s feeling soo much better and is ready to find his new family!

Hi my name is Frankie!
I came from a shelter where the nice girls with the DAWG Squad pulled me from because I was on the euthanasia list.  I’m a big goofball and love treats and I’m nothing but a big baby....but I’m a whole lotta dog! I need to be tested with other dogs to make sure we can be buddies. I just want to be someone’s lap dog! 
I’m getting close to a year old now so I’m still learning and can easily be persuaded to do anything (like sit still for these pics) with a treat!

Sasha was pulled from Baldwin County when the shelter was full and needed help. She loves kids and is the most chill dog you will ever meet! She prefers to have a cat free home but doesn’t mind the company of another dog! She wants to be an inside dog and needs a fenced in yard but not chain link Cos she’s a Houdini and will disappear over the fence!

Hi, I'm Greta and I have special needs

I am the longest “member” of the group! I'm a love bug but would prefer to be the only furry friend in the home. I have some neurological issues that make me a little dizzy at times but I'm still a spunky little girl who doesn’t let my disabilities slow me down!

Marsali had been roaming the streets of a neighborhood in Walton County and some caring individuals scooped her up and took her to the shelter. They knew she deserved a better life than the one she had been dealt. When she was placed on the euthanasia list we knew we had to save her because she didn’t deserve to die alone and scared in a loud shelter before she got to know what a great home could feel like. She got adopted a few weeks back but her furry sibling was a little too much for her. She’s back with the Squad looking for her perfect fit. She’s housetrained and SOO quiet! She’s a great snuggle buddy too!