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Dawg Squad  of Georgia

"for those who have no voice"

Forever fosters



Buffy came into the rescue as a puppy with her two brothers. They all got sent to Greenville Humane society but Buffy was rejected due to an abnormality with her heart. Once she was back she went to the vet and we discovered she has a grade four heart murmur. We were told she had three months to live so her foster mom wanted to give her the best three months ever. She got on a water pill and now she is six years old! You would never know she has a medical condition and is such a happy girl. Here she is on her fifth birthday with her mom! 


Denver came to us from a shelter and we soon realized he was someone's beloved pet. We don't know how he ended up there but we were glad to have him. We discovered he is an escape artist but he was adopted once. It didn't work out and we then discovered he has severe anxiety. He now has the proper medication and is a happy guy. His foster mom wanted to make sure he stayed with someone who could tend to his special needs, so she kept him!


Simba came into the rescue from a shelter and seemed like a happy guy. At his first trip to PetSmart he got a little annoyed and was ready to go home. He was adopted once but didn't like his new feline brother so he came back to us. His foster mom decided she loved him so much and didn't want to put him through the stress of PetSmart ever again. He is an absolute cuddle bug!
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